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SCardFace is a Python-based smart card interface library, based on the PC/SC API.

Some of the features:

  • Written in Python 3, takes advantage of the new bytes and bytearrays objects
  • Thread-friendly, see SCardFace and Threads
  • Exclusive access to a card through use of the with statement, see using the with statement
  • Support for asynchronous break when waiting for a card ( Control-c )
  • Support for hot insertion and recognition of readers while waiting for a card ( if the platform or subsystem implements it), see Dealing with readers hot insertion and removal
  • Exception scheme derived from EnvironmentError
  • Runs on Windows and Linux ( probably on other platforms supporting pcsc-lite)
  • C_APDU and R_APDU objects to deal with smart cards commands and responses, independent from transport protocols (T=0, T=1)

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